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Ladies, we all know that it’s wayyyyyy harder for us to keep up our hygiene in the field than it is for guys. Not only do we have to keep our hair looking professional, but we have to deal with periods and lady parts in general. Here are some tips and tricks to make field hygiene just a little bit easier.


I’m so incredibly jealous of you army ladies out there, who just got authorized to wear pony tails. That makes your lives so much easier, I’m sure. But for those of us who remain unlucky, this one is for you.

  • Use a water-based, non-alcoholic gel. It might not hold as well, but it’ll be a lot easier to wash out with limited water, and it’s a little bit better for your hair in the long run.
  • Get dry shampoo – you don’t always have access to a shower or natural body of water. But if your hair is nasty, it’ll show in your bun, no matter how much you gel it down.
  • Fall in love with the braided bun – sure, a sock bun looks nicer, but it’s such a pain! With braids, you just smooth out the strands, twist it, and wrap it. Not to mention, it’s a bit easier to hide a few imperfections.
  • If you have the gall, chop it off. I know, I know, it’s hard to let go of our precious locks, but it’ll make your life so much easier.


No one likes being on their period, and aunt flow just loves to screw us over and line up perfectly with a week in the field. You can’t avoid it, so what do you do?

  • If you get cramps, bring OTC medication for it. The last thing you want is to be in extra pain out there.
  • Bring biodegradable wipes to clean yourself up. Make sure they’re approved for use down there. Use them once or twice a day even if you’re not menstruating for general hygiene. Big plus if you can use the same kind of wipes all over your body
  • Invest in a menstrual cup. I’m not kidding, this thing is a freaking life-saver! It takes some getting used to, and the maintenance is a little messy, but you can go a long time without changing it. It won’t cause toxic shock syndrome, either. So freeing.
  • If menstrual cups aren’t an option, invest in some biodegradable pads or tampons. That way you won’t have to carry your trash with you.
  • If none of this sounds appealing to you, and you’re okay with altering your hormones, try birth control. Many women experience shorter cycles, or stop having their period all together. Keep in mind, it can throw your body out of whack, so talk to medical.

General Hygiene

Hair? Check. Crimson tide? Check. Now we take care of everything else.

  • Remember those biodegradable wipes we talked about earlier? You’ll want to use those twice a day to wipe off your body. If you’re lacking in supplies, use the acronym F.A.T.B.U.G to get the key areas. (Face, armpit, thighs, under breasts, groin)
  • If you’re in a wooded environment, grab a buddy and have her check you for ticks or possibly infected bites you can’t see.
  • Not that you’ll have the time or resources to do this, but don’t shave while you’re out there. It could potentially open up follicles and lead to infection.
  • Take good care of any bites, cuts, or scratches so they don’t become infected.
  • Pee if you need to pee, don’t hold it in. It could lead to a very unfortunate UTI.

When you’re in the field, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to hygiene properly. I hope this post will make it a little quicker and easier, though. Is there something I missed? Hit me up, or post in the forum!

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