The Best Hair Gels For The Military Bun – For Every Hair Type

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Everyone knows that the sleek, professional military bun doesn’t come easy. It takes lots of gel, hair spray, and small tweaks to get it, “just right.” But how do you know which products to use? You’ve got so many to choose from, and different products work with different hair types. It takes a lot of trial and error, but hopefully this post will help get you on your way. I’ve broken it down into 3 categories: fine hair, thick hair, and natural hair.

Fine Hair

You can pretty much throw any hair gel on fine hair, and you’ll be good to go. It’s so easy to keep down, so at this level of maintenance, you’re looking for a gel that’s cheap and sturdy, but won’t fry your hair. The best options are:

Some things to consider when purchasing these gels:

  • Both gels are alcohol free. That’s important because alcohol in gels can really dry out your hair, especially since you’ll be using the gel daily.
  • Eco gel, on top of being alcohol-free, contains argon oil, which is really good for conditioning and strengthening your hair.
  • Overall, I’d recommend the Eco gel. Yes it’s more expensive, but the ingredients are better for your hair in the long run. Not to mention that the container style cuts down on all the fumbling you’d normally be doing with a traditional squeeze bottle. If you really want to save some money, you can buy the ridiculously extra 80 oz bottle here.

Thick Hair

Thick hair is a bit tricky. It seems like you can never put enough gel in it, and then all of a sudden it’s too much and your head looks weird. The key is to get a gel that’s akin to cement, because that’s really the only way your trunk-like strands will stay put. Thankfully, you have two great options!

Keep in mind, thick gels like these aren’t great for your hair, so use them sparingly. I’d recommend applying one of the gels for fine hair first, the building onto it with one of the stronger options. Alternatively, you can check out some gels for natural hair below, because if a gel can hold natural hair, it can hold anything.

Natural Hair

To be completely transparent, I have no experience with natural hair. However, in preparation for this article, I’ve asked around to some friends, and consulted the many, many videos about it on YouTube. These products are what I found:

Since there are different types of natural hair, too, you’ll want to experiment with what works for you and your specific hair type.

*For Basic Training*

If you’re consulting this article in preparation for basic training, don’t even worry about what kind of gel you’re using. You’ll pretty much have to use what they give you, or whatever you can buy on site. That is, unless your family wants to be super nice and send you some better products.

Either way, it’s really not that big of a deal if your hair doesn’t look spectacular while in training, it just has to look decently neat. The issues arise when you hit the fleet, have tons of options to make your hair really top-notch, and fail to maintain it and keep it looking professional.

Well, these are the best gels to use if you want to rock that slick bun. What brands do you use? Comment your favorite hair products in the forum.

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