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Happy Independence Day, Ladies! Over the weekend, I got to thinking about how many people spend their entire 96 in the barracks, and why that really, really sucks. No matter where you’re stationed, there are some amazing things you can with your time. So, without further ado, I present to you: the “96 bucket list.”

10 – Go On A Road Trip

You’ll have to get approved for special liberty if you want to go somewhat far, but there’s nothing like going on a road trip – especially if you can convince some friends to come along. You can do it on the cheap, and can even save some money with military discounts. Plan out your route, mark down some must-see spots, but ultimately be spontaneous. And don’t forget to take pictures!

9 – Try At Least 3 Restaurants You’ve Never Been To

You don’t have to be a “foodie” to try out new recipes and cuisines. Make sure to do this one if you’re stationed overseas. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to come back and have the local food again.

8 – Have A Cookout With Some Friends

A lot of BBQs and cookouts we attend as military members are service-related, but they’re so much more fun when your boss isn’t there. Get some friends together, grab some good food and drinks, throw on some music, and you’ll have a great day. Bonus points if you can come up with games to play that are actually fun.

7 – Host A Movie Night

Movie nights can be a great time, especially if drinks are flowing. This one is great if you’ve already had a full day, since you can get some friends together and just chill while watching a good movie. Another good thing about this is that you can do it on the cheap. Make sure to pick the movie before people show up, otherwise the night will be over before everyone agrees on what to watch.

6 – Go Hiking

Hiking will not only help make up for the pt you’re probably not doing this weekend, it almost always leads to spectacular scenery. Check out my previous post about protecting your hips on a hike. It’s most geared for military hikes, but there’s still some relevant information. Always have a buddy with you when you go, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures.

5 – Volunteer

If you absolutely can’t be bothered to do anything else on this list, why not donate your time? Branch community services usually have volunteer opportunities posted, but you can always check on local websites, too. Volunteering brings a special type of satisfaction, and it looks good on your file, too.

4 – Go To The Beach (Or Whatever Body Of Water Is Near You)

A 96 is never complete if you haven’t spent time in nature. The beach is always a hit, but if you’re too inland for that, try to find a lake or a river you can chill at. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, since we all know what can happen if you get too burnt.

3 – Go To A Concert

With Covid being what it is, all the fun concerts have pretty much been cancelled. However, we’re starting to see these schedules actually go somewhat back to normal, especially in the states. It’s really hard to not have fun at a concert, so gather up your girls and book those tickets!

2 – Have A Spa Day

It’s no secret that our jobs can be stressful at times. A 96 is the perfect time to have a spa day! Hit up your nearest salon and get yourself a massage, mani-pedi, facial, whatever you want. You’ve earned it!

1 – Visit Your Nearest Theme Park

Admittedly, this one can get expensive, so make sure you don’t blow your whole paycheck on it. However, if you’ve followed my advice on budgeting, go nuts! A visit to a theme park isn’t something you’ll forget anytime soon.

Doing just one or two of these activities will guarantee that you’ll have an awesome 96. Stay safe, and have an awesome weekend, ladies!

What are you planning to do, or done, this weekend? Make sure to share in the forum.

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